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ABOUT THE Committee for Waste Reduction

As a group we were established early 2017 and have being going from strength to strength. We were formed to create a place for many organisations and groups to have a central place to come together and share their knowledge for a common goal – the environment.

We are proud to say we have a diverse membership of businesses, community groups and academics all sharing knowledge to deliver a strong message of how to reduce waste in the workplace, daily life, schools and events.

We are in interesting times at present, there has never been more light shone on the waste industry and the challenges of our love of convenience and the damage it generates. The key point in this area is the education, understanding your types of plastics through to how reducing waste can actually strengthen businesses and bring communities together.

What is even more exciting is the opportunity we have in front of us to create further economic growth, jobs and innovation through waste infrastructure. Waste is an ongoing part of life, if goes hand in hand with a growing population and as such we need to give it the respect it deserves as it can offer consistent employment not just in cities but also in remote locations where employment is traditionally low.

Key factors are that we as consumers need to recognise waste as a resource and create demand and value in the market of recyclables. Make no mistake recycling is not an excuse to keep using single use items. We still need to reduce our love of disposable items, but we are talking pure materials that can continue to be used multiple times as opposed to continually using finite resources at an unsustainable rate.

Our aim is to continue to connect people that can give you the tools to raise awareness in this matter and to implement changes one step at a time.

We see the need to reduce single use items but also the power that we as consumers have to influence change at the top by choosing where we spend our dollars and the questions that we ask our local councils and local members.

Our newsletter will cover a range of insightful pieces by regular contributors including: legislation coming in and what it means to you - the plastic bag ban, Container Refund Scheme and waste levy. What’s happening in schools, single use reduction advice, business tips, features on our members and what they have implemented successfully as well as what events are happening in the waste reduction and environmental space.

Meet our Board!

Lesley Van Staveren – President
Co-Owner FNQ Plastics, Co-Founder of ReGen Plastics.

Tony McInnes – Vice President
Graphic Communications Manager – Fuji Xerox Business Centre, President– Cairns Forum 4 Business Growth

Michelle Torrens – Secretary
President of the Junk Weavers

Daniel Chalmers - Treasurer
Business Analyst – FNQ Plastics, Treasurer – SuperYacht Group Great Barrier Reef

Anne Naylor - Shadow Secretary

Dan Hannagan – Board Member
Managing Director, Medalfield Pty Ltd

Robert Gale - Board Member
Principal, Next Level Sustainability

Kylie Arantz - Board Member
Founder, GreenKPI

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