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Meet a Waste Wise business - Cairns Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

Thursday, August 30, 2018 9:40 AM | Anonymous
 By Jo Piggott, Cairns Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

The world is ever evolving and so is the HVAC + R industry. We believe in the importance of continually educating ourselves, to think ahead and be innovative. With our cutting-edge knowledge and experience in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) engineering, we give our customers the latest energy saving technologies, and are committed to the sustainability of our environment.

There are many ways that our business aspires to be more sustainable and energy efficient with air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration is one of the key players for management to protect our environment now and for the future. As a family business we take this responsibility seriously; this is why we have chosen to educate the public about best practice.

  • One proactive step we make is our Refrigerant Recovery Solutions for disposing of end of life equipment. We ensure that ozone depleting refrigerants are recovered responsibly and refrigerants are returned to the wholesaler for destruction.
  • Living in the tropics, air conditioners are a necessity and require regular maintenance as they can become a hot bed for mould, bacteria and other air borne contaminants, and will become less energy efficient. We use toxin free products with our hydro-clean service to reduce harmful chemicals. We believe it is vitally important to provide services that support the positive health and wellbeing of our customers.
  • Setting your air conditioner at an optimal temperature will reduce your energy use.
  • We dispose of end of life equipment to FNQ Recycling where it is pulled apart for scrap, once we have recovered the refrigerant from the system.

We have seen a huge change in peoples’ understanding of our industry and feel proud that we can make a difference.

Our mission is to provide expert reliable sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning solutions to all.


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