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Queensland Container Refund Scheme - September Update

Thursday, August 30, 2018 10:25 AM | Anonymous

From 1 November 2018 in Queensland a 10 cent refund can be obtained by returning certain drink containers to a participating container refund point. Most aluminum, glass, PET, HDPE, steel and paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L will be eligible. These will carry a special refund mark (after a period of transition).

These containers are NOT eligible:

  • Any container smaller than 150mL or bigger than 3L
  • plain milk containers
  • glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits
  • large containers (1L or more) which have contained flavoured milk, pure juice, cask wine or cask water
  • cordial or vegetable juice containers
  • sachets above 250ml which have contained wine
  • registered health tonics

The scheme aims to:

  • reduce litter from discarded drink containers, mostly plastic, left in open air settings such as parks, beaches, malls and car parks
  • improve the State‚Äôs low recycling rate by motivating people to collect and return empty containers to collection points, and motivate recycling where there is no kerbside recycling.

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