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Recycling for Business - Follow Up. By Mark Slimmer owner of Village Cafe On Collins

Friday, October 19, 2018 10:37 AM | Lesley Van Staveren (Administrator)

If you have commenced recycling in your business you will have learned the most common items businesses can recycle are similar to what you can do at home: cardboard, newspaper, office paper, aluminium and tin cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles and tubs. Hopefully you have implemented all of these and you are seeing a notable reduction in the non recycled waste your business sends as general waste that ends up in landfill. You may not be aware that there are numerous other items you are likely receiving or using every day in notable quantities that are still going in your general waste but some can actually also be recycled. The following are some examples:

Soft plastics such as clear bags and cling wrap. In today‚Äôs world we receive a lot of goods packed in clear plastic bags or wrapped with cling wrap. No matter what business type yours is I am sure there is a lot of soft plastic! These items cant go in your recycle bin at home and typically cant go in your standard business recycle bins, but as long as they are clear plastic and not contaminated by food, liquid or other waste they can be recycled. Talk  to your recycling agent about how you can include these items in your recycle waste. If you cant find anyone to take these soft plastics talk to North Queensland Recycling Agents as you may be able to arrange to periodically drop these items to them.

Paper napkins and paper towels. If your business is a food service one, or you have a lunch room, you may have a large quantity of paper napkins that you are disposing of. Your restrooms may have a large amount of paper towels that are merely used to dry hands. These items can be recycled. They typically should not go in your office paper recycle bin and your recycle agent may accept them going into your cardboard bin. Regardless of how they are to be collected and recycled, they must be free from contamination such as food, liquids or items that are not paper. 

With recycle items that are not part of regular recycle pick ups you may find that a little more effort is required to sort, store and dispose of these. Once you establish suitable methods and arrangements you should find it easy and see a further reduction in your general waste.


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