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Eco Glamping: Reducing Plastic on your Trip - by Cathy Earle from Eorth

Thursday, March 14, 2019 10:06 AM | Lesley Van Staveren (Administrator)

Eco Glamping: Reducing Plastic on your Trip

We’ve all heard of the saying “pack out what you pack in” and although this is generally a  reference to “take your rubbish with you when you leave,” simply reducing the items that you pack in, or ensuring what you do pack in is reusable will also lessen the amount of waste you’ll need to “pack out”.

Let’s take a look at some of the common items on the packing list. Cling wrap is probably at the top. You can cross that one off ­— there are other ways to keep your food fresh and they don’t involve any waste.

The first one is to take a few Reusable Wraps with you on the journey. These can either be Beeswax or the Vegan Wax variety. But an even better method is to take a few reusable containers. You can pack your food, such as cheese into the containers before you go then you won’t have any need to wrap up the end of the block like you might do at home. If you’re a serious camper (taking more than a couple of trips a year), then you might want to opt for a few stainless steel containers rather than the plastic kind. They will last a lot longer and it’s very unlikely they will break on the journey. These can also be used at home for storage or lunch boxes.

Just say no to plastic utensils and dishes — disposable plates and cutlery is so last century! You don’t need to rush out and buy paper plates (which are likely to be wrapped in a layer of plastic) either. Even if you’ve decided on this trip you’ll be “glamping”, keep it real, you don’t need the finest looking cutlery to grace the picnic table. Take a trip to your local op shop and find some mismatching knives, forks and spoons. They’ll last a lifetime, you’ll be supporting a great cause and it they’ll make for a great conversation starter. If you need a lighter option and there’s just the two of you then a bamboo cutlery set would also be a suitable option.

Now that we’ve ditched the disposables for re-usable plates and cutlery there will be dishes to do. But the good news is . . . when you’re camping doing the dishes is part of the entertainment. The best options for scrubbing dishes are those that don’t involve plastic, and while this is also recommended in the home it’s a must for camping trips. Source out some coconut or natural fibre scrub brushes, even if they do happen to get misplaced on a dark evening, and don’t make it back into your “pack it out” bag they won’t cause any harm to the environment. They will break down naturally, eventually leaving no trace.

As a society we have a long way to go until single use plastic wrap is no longer the norm. But in the meantime be sure to take a bag with you that you can place all that single use plastic into. On your return trip if you’re passing by a Redcycle Bin you can simply pop that bag of plastic into the bin, making it one less item you need to take home.

Whether your camping or glamping be sure to take care both on the road and care with what you’re packing in and out.


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