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About Our Environment by Mitchell Arnold

Monday, March 25, 2019 9:45 AM | Lesley Van Staveren (Administrator)

Our environment is a very important part of our community. That is why we must keep it clean and healthy. This will have a massive impact on our future. Think about your life do you want to grow up in a place where the air isn’t clean and the ocean is a hazard to swim in? Our sea life is dying faster because of oil spills and pollution. Some of the pollution that arrives in the ocean are straws, plastic bags and coffee cups.

We have to look after our environment, as it’s not just a part of our earth, it’s a part of our future. Some ways you can help out are: cleaning up after yourself. Even if the rubbish isn’t yours, pick it up and put it in the bin.  Turn off electricity when you are finished with it. This includes lights, fans, power-points, air-conditioners and all other appliances.

However, we are slowly improving thanks to small and big retailers. They are helping by banning single use plastic bags, selling more than one use coffee cups and recycling scrap foods.

A lot of businesses are taking action and that’s what we all need to do. We just need them to spread the word. If the world finds out then maybe everyone will tag along and try and make a difference, this will help greatly in your community and others communities.

Holy Cross School has also been a part of the country wide, “Clean up Australia Day”. During this time students collected over 2 000 pieces of rubbish on just one day! Since then students are improving helping to reduce our rubbish by bringing a litter free lunch box and by putting our rubbish in the correct bins; waste, containers for change and food scraps.

Photo: Michayla Fox, Rhianna Woodall, Amber Rossow-Fraser, Betty Cornell, 

Mitchell Arnold, Lachie Godden

It is hoped in the future we may not need the waste bin.

Mitchell Arnold

Year 6

Environment Club


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