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CFWR - Events with impact by Kylie Arantz

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 11:04 AM | Lesley Van Staveren (Administrator)

Working Towards a Sustainable Waste Free Home

CFWR bi-monthly lunch held on 1st August was presented by Board member Anne Naylor and member Cynthia Frielich and generously sponsored by Amanda Roberts of Stratford Medical Centre.

Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the Earth's natural resources, and one's personal resources. Sustainable for you and your family but also for animals and the environment.

What are the considerations when purchasing products around the home:

  • 1.       Packaging impact: How much packaging? Can the packaging be reused, recycled or it is compostable?
  • 2.       Waste impact: Do they provide any information on their waste practices such as reduce, reuse or recycle?
  • 3.       Health impact: What are the main ingredients? Are there warnings on the label?
  • 4.       Animals impact: It is tested on animals? Does the product impact natural wildlife?
  • 5.       Environmental impact: Do the ingredients affect the environment? Where is it manufactured? How much power and water is used in production?

Be aware of chemicals in the products you use in particular household products such as fabric softeners, air fresheners, fragranced products, disinfectants and solvents. Chemicals can affect your health via Inhalation, Consumption, Exposure or Absorption. Think those chemicals have been tested? Think again….

So next time you are buying products think about how the product was made and also what will happen to the product when you have finished using it.

Our lunches are a great place to start the conversation on how much better we can do in daily practices for home or the workplace. But it’s about so much more, we are creating a community of passionate people who enjoy connecting with each other and sharing ideas for positive change. 

Join us on October 10th for our lunch sponsored by member Wellness Embodied Cairns.
Lesley Van Staveren (President) and Dan Hannagan (Board member) are presenting on the ‘HOW’.

They will be guiding you through:

• How to change habits.
• What to consider within your business both internally and externally.
• How to achieve consistent implementation.

By the time you leave you will know what your first step is and how to do it.

Book in now for any CFWR events via our website: 


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