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Linking Values to Performance in work by Suzanne Rath

Friday, February 21, 2020 12:18 PM | Valentina Vélez Rivera (Administrator)

At the beginning of each year I choose a word for myself, as well as a word for my business. These words are the theme I would like to have for the year- almost like a mini-mantra, to keep me on track. I’m excited that the word for Wellness Embodied Physiotherapy in 2020 is COMMUNITY. 

At Wellness Embodied, we believe that physiotherapists have a key role in management of acute and chronic pain and injury- this is obvious. But, as a practice that values ‘Treating the Whole Person- not just a Body Part,’ we aim to go deeper. We promote balance, prevention of health problems, the power of the breath and body awareness and much more. We believe that communities are the key to well being and aim to play an increasingly strong role in the community around us, which is why I’m so passionate about being a Board Member of the Committee for Waste Reduction.

I’ve recently written an Environmental Checklist, which would be useful for all small businesses, particularly Health & Medical, in their aims to be more sustainable (email me:, for your copy). But I’m aware as an employer that my staff have different passions within the community, which is why I’m so pleased with our new bonus program.

Each quarter, staff members will set 5 goals related to each of our key values: Compassion, Leadership, Integrity, Consistency and Kindness (CLICK). These can be both personal and professional goals: to run a half marathon for example, or to give a free Health talk in the community. They also nominate a local charity or organisation of their choice- who will receive a donation for each of the goals achieved. The staff member will also get the opportunity to visit the organisation- to volunteer or to present their donation.

We look forward to engaging more within our community in 2020 and wish you all a happy and healthy one! #cairnscares J

Suzzane Rath


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